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With the unfolding knowledge transformations and entrepreneurial challenges of the present era - an era in which the American economy has come to be based on service, information, and technology - changes are being forced on and new demands are having to be met by the nation’s corporations and their workers. Today’s executives, managers, and supervisors find themselves having to work both harder and smarter in order to support and to advance their career paths. The quest to achieve and to sustain peak levels of performance is quite demanding and surrounded with many difficulties. There are so many variables that can rob those who bear significant responsibilities from being able to make use of their talents in ways on which they might otherwise depend. Among the factors that can sap energy, divert attention, make small decisions appear huge, reduce creative potential, and engender apathy and fatigue are one or more of the following:

  • Difficulties in mastering and resolving toxic personal relations in the work place
  • Misunderstanding the needs of one’s superior
  • Family problems that diminish the availability of personal resources for work
  • Increasing reliance on alcohol or chemicals to stabilize a pained life
  • An unacknowledged need for a career change
  • Learning and being trapped in life scripts that have fostered an inordinate fear of either success or failure
  • Self-sabotaging work habits
  • Lack of adequate stress management skills coupled with a rise of personal stress
  • Rigidity of style
  • Risk aversion and an excessive need for security and certainty
  • Underdeveloped sense of urgency coupled with procrastination

IF YOU SEE YOURSELF IN THIS DESCRIPTION, COACHING CAN BE OF HELP. In the supportive, understanding, and business-wise coaching relationship, you can be taught practical skills for rising to and overcoming the career challenges that now appear to be so limiting. Please consider using one of the links provided below...